Campaign Finance API

Provides campaign finance data from the State Board of Elections, using the open source Saberva parser. Includes all filings since January 1, 2012, as found on their website.

Committee Listing

/campaign-finance/committees.json: A list of every committee and their reports that are available, with all available information about all committees.
/campaign-finance/committees.csv: A stripped-down version of committees.json, listing only the SBE committee code, the committee name, the candidate name (if applicable), the type of committee, the amount of cash that the committee has on hand, and the date of the most recent filing.

Committee Method

/campaign-finance/committee/[committee_code].json: Replace [committee_code] with the code of the committee in question to retrieve all available information about the committee, and a list of all available reports. For example, /campaign-finance/committee/CC-12-01349.json.

Report Method

/campaign-finance/report/[report_id].json: Replace [report_id] with the ID of the report in question to retrieve all information provided within that report. Relevant report IDs are listed within each committee record. For example, /campaign-finance/report/16772.json

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